Sacred Spaces: Interior Worlds

July 23, 2022

On days when the caregiving experience overwhelms our senses and leaves our heads spinning, we can find ourselves living in the future (when will this be over?) and obsessing about the past (things used to be so much easier!) This kind of anxiety puts us in a perpetual state of loss and longing. Mindfulness means being fully present so that we can be open for others and truly appreciate what we have in the present moment. Music can be a powerful therapy for grounding our senses in the now.

With that in mind, we have a recommendation. Designed to guide listeners to the profound beauty of the present moment, Interior Worlds by Sacred Spaces is a truly beautiful listen. It's a contemplative and expansive album that fuses Ambient soundscapes with deep bass lines and powerful rhythms using an array of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, vocals, and environmental samples. Perfect for unwinding in moments of respite or during a drive. You can use the link above to purchase the album on bandcamp or simply stream for free on your favorite streaming app.

Available on all streaming apps now!  - LINK

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